A major European innovation prize open to young entrepreneurs in the field of plant-based protein

The third edition of the European Plant based Protein Awards is being launched on July 5th in conjunction with the Plan-based Foods Summit to be held in Lille from 2 to 4 October 2019.


The call for applications for startups is largely supported by the French agricultural and agri-food ecosystem, which includes many world leaders in the sector. It is organized by the Villages by CA Nord de France and Champagne Bourgogne, in close collaboration with Terres Univia, and relayed by the Village by CA network, a unique Europe wide network of 29+ accelerators.


The aim of the Awards is to give a new impetus to the agricultural and food transition by offering the winning startups an acceleration programme and unique visibility in Europe. Made necessary by global population growth, balancing protein sources has become essential to feed the planet while preserving climate, natural resources, biodiversity and human health.


Villages by CA and their partners come together around a common ambition: fostering the future of food or how to support and encourage this agricultural and food transition.


Startups will be supported by a powerful and committed network of partners: Bonduelle, Sodexo, Limagrain, Advitam Group, Dijon Céréales, Terres Univia, the French interbranch organization for vegetable oils and protein, Crédit Agricole Nord de France and Crédit Agricole Champagne-Bourgogne, Université Catholique de Lille-Yncréa, the IAR and Improve clusters. The call for applications is also supported by Protéines France, Avril foundation and by the Nutrition, Health, Longevity cluster.


Applications are open until September 3rd  in the following 7 categories:

  • Consumer Impact for services or solutions with the highest consumer impact
  • Pulses: innovations around legumes
  • Agtech: Innovations in agriculture thanks to new technologies
  • Ingredients: innovations in plant-based protein ingredients
  • Food: innovations in plant-based protein food products
  • High Protein Food: innovations in food products with high plant-based protein content
  • Process & digital: innovations in industrial processes and digital


The partners of the initiative will meet in a selection committee on October 1st. The winners will be presented with their prizes on October 2nd in Lille at the Village by CA Nord de France, which this year hosts the opening ceremony of the Plant-based Foods Summit.


> To know more about the Awards and to apply: http://plantbased-protein-awards.ca-norddefrance.fr/


> To know more about the 14th Plant-based Foods Summit Europe 2019: https://bridge2food.com/summits/protein-europe/



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