What are the greatest barriers to the uptake of insect protein?

The greatest barrier to the uptake of insect protein is that consumers are simply unaware of the numerous benefits of insect proteins, with 38% of global consumers saying they are not familiar with the ingredient En savoir plus

Datassential: Plant-based only works if its crave-worthy

Plant-based is a hot trend in food marketing right now, but how is it playing out in foodservice, which ingredients are trending on menus, and what marketing resonates the best with diners? En savoir plus

France bans use of meaty names for veggie food


France looks set to prohibit meat terms from being used to describe plant-based foods, with MPs backing a proposal to ban producers of meat substitutes from using phrases like “steak” or “sausage” to describe meat-free products. En savoir plus

Plant-based’ plays way better than ‘vegan’ with most consumers, says Mattson

protéines végétales

On the face of it, the terms ‘vegan’ and ‘plant-based’ might appear to be interchangeable (they both involve avoiding animal products), but consumers do not view them in the same way, reveals new research from food development specialist Mattson. En savoir plus

Le marché des protéines de soja bio


les produits à base de soja sont une source idéale d’acides aminés essentiels pour compléter le manque de protéines des céréales En savoir plus