The Lochner Digestor

The digestor Lochner allows to handle hydrolysis tests on 12 samples in parallel ensuring temperature control and an efficient mechanical agitation.   Read more

The Brabender® Plastograph® EC

The Brabender® Plastograph® EC is the economical table-top version of the universal torque rheometer Plastograph® applied all over the world for application investigations in laboratories and simulation. With its digital 3.8-kW motor, a torque measuring range of 200 Nm, and a speed range from 0.2 to 150 min-1, the Plastograph® … Read more

IMPROVE’S New Equipments

IMPROVE is pleased to introduce its new equipments.   So in this article we have chosen to present the Morphologi G3 (Malvern®) : morphogranulometer able to determine particles size and shape from 0.5 μm to several millimeters in dry (powders) and wet (emulsions) samples. Making data even richer than the laser granulometer, … Read more