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Customized batches production

IMPROVE has a very complete catalog of equipment for cleaning / dehulling / grinding / classification. These equipment’s are at your disposal to produce your samples and products. Our know-hows allow us to produce « customized » batches from 1 kg to a few tons:

  • Seed cleaning –> Legume, cereals, cocultures,
  • Cereal flour (white, complete, semi-complete) –> wheat, sorghum, oats, barley, rice,
  • Cereal polished or dehulled –> barley, wheat, rice,
  • Dehulled pulses –> split peas, shelled beans, dehulled lentils, soybeans, chickpeas, exotic seeds,
  • Legume pulses –> split pea, beans, lentils, beans, mung beans, chick pea,
  • Dehulled oilseed seed –> rapeseed, sunflower, hemp,
  • Oilseed oil by cold pressing –> any type,
  • Fibers-rich flours à Husk, hulls, straws, brans …
  • Roasted or precooked whole grain –> whole or flaked
  • Micronization –> Crystals, flours, fibers,
  • Air classification –> Pulse, cereal and other compatible products.


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