protéine végétale

Dry technologies as low costs processes for optimiszed ingredients

Dry processes are technologies essentially based on mechanical energy (motor, air flow or pressure) to break up the agriproduct, separate its constituents and functionalize the powders and flours thus obtained. These processes, such as mills, sieves, cyclones, heat treatments, presses … are relatively low OPEX and CAPEX processes used for a long time in many industries.


The plant reign and its great diversity require efficient strategies to produce ingredients rich in proteins, fibers, starches, lipids … An infinity of innovations is possible using innovative dry fractionation technologies or by opting for optimized process diagrams with several splitting steps. Examples of wheat or corn milling are good examples of industrialized process schemes, at first sight complex, that produce optimized ingredients at low-costs.


Without the need to add water, these process provide considerable cost savings over traditional wet processes, help to limit microbial growth through extraction steps and have a more limited impact on the environment.


IMPROVE, with its dry fractionation processes, advanced analytical tools and expertise are able to help you in these developments. Do not wait to contact us and get more information!


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