France current assets in plant protein domain and new opportunities to unlock

France has a good position in plant protein contest. In fact, it has assets on three levels of food supply chain:

  • Agricultural production. France has good geographical position, allowing to have favourable climate associated with several kinds of soils. In addition to that, its great organisation permits production of large variety of crops.


  • Know-how in food preparation. France “produces” talented chefs able to connect both traditions and innovations, also collaborating with food companies.


  • Food companies. They represent about the 3 % of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), taking in account also world leaders in the field. Export is one of their main assets, guarantying high safety level. Specifically for plant proteins, French food companies have been developing a wide set of plant proteins (wheat, soy, lupin, pea, alfalfa) have started several works concerning Protein Plant Materials.


Which actions will French state put into effect?


French state role is to make company efforts more efficient. Different points have been identified and have to be developed to support these efforts.

  • Adapting regulations. The regulatory aspects of plant area (as well as in other ones) should be simplified.


  • Purchasing volume of public institutions should be one of main points. In fact, National and Local institutions are actually important buyers of food products, through their and restaurants school canteens.


  • Feed area can be an important point to take in account.


  • The last but not the least point. Education and communication policies should be adopted to make people aware in dietary habits. Vegetable product attractiveness (soy, lentils, algae, …) can be increased by better knowledge of product itself and a greater understanding of global issues.


The public debate about food and nutrition of the future have already taken place. During General Assembly, proposals were made for development of plant protein supply chain…It must make it happen… right now!


Source : GEPV

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