protein extract

Freeze drying

Freeze dryer (Christ) : drying product without heating, 18 L/24h, 10 heating plate of  1 L.


Principle :

1. Freezing of product
2. Primary desiccation (sublimation) : under vacuum, interstitial water contained in product changes from solid state (ice) to gas state
3. Secondary desiccation or final drying: under vacuum, this step allows to remove bound water, thus achieving residual humidity between 4% and 6%.

Two steps which play an important role in the quality of lyophilization process:

  • Freezing : the aim is to lock water in the form of solid ice and not in form of small ice crystals;
  • Vacuum: its quality is one of the most important part of lyophilization


Advantages :

  • Preservation of organoleptic and nutritional quality in thermosensitive food products;
  • Fast rehydration thanks to porous structure of powder;
  • Preservation of biologic properties of molecules;
  • Preservation of product until several years without modification;
  • Require less place of storage.


Industrial applications :

  • Organic products (protein, enzyme, microorganism….);
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products;
  • Food products.