Particles and powder classifying

Particles and powder classifying technology :

  • Sample cleaner SLN3 (Pfeuffer): cleaning of all type of seeds, 20 to 50 Kg/h, multiples sieves available.
  • Vibration screening machine VRS600 (Allgaier): sieving of all types of dry products from 1 to 3 stages, 100 to 200 kg/h, multiples sieves from 100µm to 3mm.
  • Bran finisher / dynamical screening machine (Bühler): This dynamic sifter allows the residual flour from the wheat bran to be recovered by a beating coupled with a sieving. The goal is to optimize the flour yield of a cereal milling to recover the remaining 2 to 5% of flour on the bran. Technical characteristics: sieving and threshing of dry products, 2 to 3 kg / batch, multiple sieves from 100μm to 600μm.
  • Air-classifier 70 ATP (Hosokawa): fractionation of fine and ultrafine powder according their size and density, 5 to 15 kg/h.
  • Zigzag classifier MZM 1-40 (Hosokawa): fractionation of particles according their density, 20 to 70 kg/h.
  • Laboratory densitometric table (Westrup®, LA-K 1619) is an equipment able to separate the particles of a mixture according to their differences of specific weight. This tool responds to many subjects involving coarse particles (0.5 mm to several centimeters) and is suitable for both R & D and batch production.