Plant protein extraction

Enzyme activity measurement assay

Enzymes can provide a beneficial additive to feed and in food supplements and their use as digestive aids and metabolic catalysts is becoming increasingly more common a wide range of applications. However, enzymes are relatively sensitive to processes, including moisture, temperature, and interactions with other components. In addition, as functional bio active molecules, degradation or loss of their activity may occur during storage. Based on these considerations, it is thus important to accurately determine the enzyme activity in the final product.


Measuring enzyme activity is a precise undertaking that requires technical knowledge, skills, and technique. At IMPROVE SAS, we have both.


  • IMPROVE SAS currently offers the enzyme assays for both α-amylase and protease activity measurements, and, coming soon, for xylanase, cellulases, and pectinases.


  • IMPROVE SAS also has proficiency in setting up proprietary assays from client supplied methods or published peer-reviewed methods.


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