Plant protein extraction

IMPROVE SAS & Mastery of the use of industrial enzymes

Mastery of the use of industrial enzymes to improve customers’ processes and products


Industrial enzymes are mainly used as processing aids (>99% of the cases – AMFEP’s source). The platform IMPROVE develop enzymes cocktails to perform a function during the processing of specific raw materials or on proteins concentrates or isolates. The enzymes activities are deactivated during the processes and they have no technological function in the final product.


Measuring enzyme activities is a precise undertaking that requires technical knowledges and skills. At IMPROVE SAS, we have both.


  • IMPROVE SAS currently offers the enzyme assays for both α-amylase and protease activity measurements, and, coming soon, for xylanase, cellulases, and pectinases.
  • IMPROVE SAS also has proficiency in setting up proprietary assays from client supplied methods or published peer-reviewed methods.
  • IMPROVE SAS designs experimental plans to select most appropriate industrial enzymes available in the market to support the projects of our customers. It often requires the creation of indirect methods to measure the enzymes actions on the source material as viscosity, colour, degree of hydrolysis…


Need an enzyme activity measurement or develop a specific enzyme cocktails…We can quickly meet your needs!

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