The valorisation of plant based protein in animal feed is different depending market segment, livestock, Pet food or aquaculture. Reductions of marine resources combined with a strong Asian demand will lead to a limitation of the availability of fishmeal which represented 5.5 million tons in 2008 and a likely redeployment of these volumes to alternative sources such as plant based proteins.


Aquaculture for which France is the 17th largest in the world and first in Europe, is now the largest user of these meals.
 The Pet Food market is another big consumer of concentrated proteins whose growth is particularly strong with functional issues close to the food sector. Moreover, a consequence of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), reducing price support, affect greatly availability of milk powders. We make similar expectation for Potatoes protein if nothing is done. The development of new sources of protein is an important issue for France who is the leading European producer of feed for livestock (over 20 % of total EU production representing 150 million tons in 2008).