pant protein extraction
Pilot scale

Pilot Scale Possibilities

A pilot scale facility is designed to verify scientific or technical assumptions, evaluate new processes and products or integrate specific equipment into a global process. Our pilot plants will allow you to test your new ingredient or process on a scale or in an environment close to industrial reality. Improve has a recognized expertise in the implementation of innovative processes from lab scale to pilot scale (Gr to T).


Here is a non-exhaustive list of all our pilot scale processes:



Production of flour or milling to meet your specifications such as size, shape, particle function, optimization of grinding parameters.


Extraction – Purification:

Production of isolate or concentrate by dry or wet process.



Stabilization of the fractions obtained.


Others Treatments:


Equipment rental:

In case of IMPROVE doesn’t have the right equipment for your process, we can prospect and rent the most suitable technology to satisfy your needs.