Who are we?

Located in Dury near Amiens, The SAS IMPROVE is the first open European platform for research and development fully dedicated to the valorisation of proteins. Fruit of a French Public/Private Partnership, it gathers all the players in the field.
 IMPROVE is partner of academics such as INRA, UPJV, LaSalle Beauvais Polytechnique Institute, UTC and ESCOM and technical partners such as CVG, PIVERT and BRI…
IMPROVE provide a high level of expertise from fundamental research to market knowledge. 
With 800 m2 of technical plant and 170 m2 of laboratories IMPROVE offers a unique combination of skills and equipment to boost innovation and value generation for:

  • Reducing time to market for new proteins products
  • Enabling breakthrough innovations that meet market’s needs
  • Developing proteins products based with comparable or better characteristics (performance, price, availability, sustainability) to existing products.


IMPROVE focuses on the following markets:


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