• Binocular magnifier: magnification up to x30, including data processing system;


  • Bright-field microscopy : magnification up to x100, including data processing system;


  • Scanning electron microscopy : magnification up to x800. We have a high resolution environmental scanning electron microscope (Quanta 200 FEG, FEI Company) equipped with platinum Peltier allowing the observation of any sample (hydrated or non-hydrated material, conductive or non-conductive material). A microanalysis X (INCA Oxford, 80 mm2 SSD type) is also available permitting qualitative determination of the elemental composition (Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy).


  • Morphologi G3 (Malvern®) : morphogranulometer able to determine particles size and shape from 0.5 μm to several millimeters in dry (powders) and wet (emulsions) samples. Making data even richer than the laser granulometer, this characterizing tool is a versatile R&D instrument allowing a very fine characterization of your samples and improving the optimization of the processes.