Batch preparation

IMPROVE the ability to clean, homogenize and aliquot your samples in anticipation of the R & D project you are conducting. To clean the seeds, we have:


  • Seed cleaner: 3 sieving stage, 50 à 75 kg/h, batch or continuous production.
  • Zig-Zag classifier: 50-75 kg/h, Air velocity adjustment.
  • Density table: 5 tables, flow 25 to 75 kg / h, separation up to 5 fractions.


It is possible to sample a heterogeneous sample by dividing a few grams to a ton of product. For this we offer:

  • Allgaier sieving machine: homogeneous separation in 6 fractions from 20 to 100kg.
  • PT100 divider: homogeneous separation in 10 fractions of 50 to 500 ml.