Seed dehulling allows to separate the outer shell from the kernel. This step is important because the envelope contains a low protein content, many antinutritional factors and a high microbial load or mycotoxins.

IMPROVE has a panel equipment allowing to dehull all type of seeds. Samples of a few grams to several hundred kilograms can thus be produced at IMPROVE. There are several methods for dehulling the seeds.


– By compression and shearing.

  • Roll shelling (SATAKE®) à Features: flow rate from 10 to 20kg / h, 4 types of rolls: 3 knurling (rough / medium / Fine) and 1 with rubber coating, individually adjustable roll speed from 195 to 1200 rpm
  • Stone mill (Alma®)à Characteristics: 200 kg / h flow rate, granite stone grinding wheel, stainless steel plating for food contact.


– By abrasion.

  • Schelling machine (Schule®) à Characteristics: batch flow of 1 kg or continuously at 50 kg / h. Sieves of 1mm, 1.25mm, 2mm and 3mm.


– By impact

  • Knife crusher (Retsch®) à Features: 10 to 70 kg / h, multiple grids.
  • Universal milling machine (Alma®)à Features: 800 kg / h flow rate, adjustable impact speed.