plant protein extract

Development and validation of methods of analysis

For new products and new raw materials, it is essential to develop and to use suitable analysis methods for their characterisation.


Fully comprehensive validation is absolutely necessary. Validation of an analytical method provides evidence that the selected method is both suitable and applicable for the analysis purposes intended.


Do you require support in method development, or would you like to know whether product-specific validation is necessary? We will be happy to advise you.


The scope of the validation will be determined together with you in a validation protocol. The experimental work will be carried out by qualified and trained staff and the results will be summarised in a comprehensive validation report.


Our services in detail:

  •  Consultation and literature research for method development.
  • Method development.
  • Creation of an SOP for the analytical method.
  • Consultation on the scope of the validation and creation of a validation protocol (validation plan).
  • Method validation and validation report.
  • Training and implementation at IMPROVE or in your facilities.
  • Proficiency testing.

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