Training sessions on plant protein functionality

In the recent years, novel sources of proteins have gained more and more interest: plants, leaves, algae, fungi, insects… To be successful commercially, these novel proteins must present good functionalities and be fit to their target applications.


To support professionals in all their protein projects, IMPROVE organise regular training sessions on various aspects of protein development:

  • What are the differences between animal-based proteins and plant-based proteins?
  • How can we measure the different aspects of protein functionality: instant properties, emulsion, foaming, gelling capacities?
  • Which protein for which application?
  • What are the anti-nutritional components to be careful of?


Our training sessions can be tailored to fit participants’ needs and are adapted to different audience: R&D managers, marketing and sales managers, junior academics… They can be organised either at IMPROVE R&D centre or at the customer’s facility, in France or abroad. It is also possible to assist to some functionality tests in our labs.


Please contact us for pricing and dates available!

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