skid de filtration échelle pilote


  • TIA Filtration Skid MF/UF, 10 m² to 20m² of different organic membrane, 4m² of ceramic membrane.
  • VMI Hydrolysis tank of 1000L, Mixing heat and pH regulation. Possibility to work under modified atmosphere.
  • GEA 3 phases easyscale 10C clarifier 800-3000L/h / 17000, equivalent to 10 000 m².
  • Flottweg Tricantor Z23 (3 phases) liquid / solid separation, 250 to 1000 L/h with 4630 g force.
  • Tubular heat exchanger : thermocoagulation, pasteurization, sterilization, maximum flow rate 1000L/h, holding time between 0 and 90s, highest temperature 140°C
  • Spray dryer: Multi Stage Dryer with fines recirculation in the top of the chamber for powder agglomeration. The evaporative capacity is 5Kg/h.


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