Powder post-processing for optimized ingredients production

Ingredients resulting from the fractionation of plant materials, are very often commercialized and used as powders. The usage properties of these powders depend not only on their chemical composition but also on their physical properties: wettability, agglomeration, fluidity, density, etc.


If it is possible to optimize the production process of the ingredient to optimize the powder properties, it is in some cases simpler and more economical to carry out a post-treatment of theses powders. So, why not to add a unitary dry fractionation operation, of low OPEX and CAPEX, to optimize particle size distribution or particle shape? Thus, these post-treatments allow to produce differentiated products from a single production line.


IMPROVE, with its dry fractionation processes, advanced analytical tools and expertise are able to help you in these developments. Do not wait to contact us and get more information!

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