Controlled enzymatic hydrolysis for the production of bioactive peptides from vegetal protein

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IMPROVE offers a wide range of equipment and expertise that allow to work at lab scale (1 L), micro-pilot scale (10 L) or pilot scale (1000 L). With its expertise in vegetal fractionation, protein extraction and enzymatic hydrolysis, IMPROVE will assist you from the raw material to the bioactive peptides. Read more

Le marché potentiel des tourteaux broyés, leurs propriétés fonctionnelles et applications

Ground plant meal potential market, functional properties and applications. The growing demand of bio-sourced products leads to an increasing interest for the development of new resources of raw materials. In order to generate a higher economic value in the oleoproteaginous sector, meals, co-products of oil extraction present qualities capable of being exploited in a wide range of sectors. Read more

Improve, dedicated to the proteins of the future

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Denis Chéreau describes the future challenges of the sector in order to meet the global protein needs. Read more

Find the best drying technology

IMPROVE’s experts can help you to try, find and optimized the more suitable drying technology Read more