Plant protein extraction

Enzyme activity measurement assay

An enzyme is a catalyst or a chemical produced by cells to speed up a biochemical reaction. It is typically a protein that acts on certain organic substances by promoting chemical changes through catalysis. For example, pepsin is an enzyme that aids in digestion.


Enzyme is usually a protein molecule with a characteristic sequence of amino acids that fold to produce a specific three-dimensional structure, which gives the molecule unique properties.


Enzymes and their use as processing aids and metabolic catalysts is becoming increasingly more common for a wide range of applications.


Measuring enzyme activity is a precise undertaking that requires technical knowledge, skills, and technique. At IMPROVE SAS, we have three.


  • IMPROVE SAS currently offers the enzyme assays for both α-amylase and protease activity measurements, and, coming soon, for xylanase, cellulases, and pectinases.


  • IMPROVE SAS also has proficiency in setting up proprietary assays from client supplied methods or published peer-reviewed methods.


Need an enzyme activity measurement? We can quickly meet your needs!


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