Positionnement végétal: des lancements mondiaux en hausse de 62 %


Les fabricants ont surtout recours à des légumes, légumineuses et des graines, mais l’arrivée de protéines de champignons, d’algues ou d’insectes pourraient aussi révolutionner les formulations dans les décennies à venir. Read more

Plant-Based Proteins Are Gaining Dollar Share Among North Americans

Historically, consumers would gravitate toward meat to meet their needs for protein. And while a majority of North American consumers still choose meat as their primary source of protein, plant-based options are gaining traction. Notably, a recent Nielsen global survey found that 23% of consumers want more plant-based proteins on the shelves. Read more

How Food Manufacturers are Embracing Plant-Based Meats


Why should food manufacturers implement plant-based meats into their product line? Consumers have become more health conscious and the demand for plant-based meats is on the rise. Sustainability is also top of mind for consumers and plant-based meats have a positive impact on the environment. Read more

What are the greatest barriers to the uptake of insect protein?

The greatest barrier to the uptake of insect protein is that consumers are simply unaware of the numerous benefits of insect proteins, with 38% of global consumers saying they are not familiar with the ingredient Read more

Datassential: Plant-based only works if its crave-worthy

Plant-based is a hot trend in food marketing right now, but how is it playing out in foodservice, which ingredients are trending on menus, and what marketing resonates the best with diners? Read more

France bans use of meaty names for veggie food


France looks set to prohibit meat terms from being used to describe plant-based foods, with MPs backing a proposal to ban producers of meat substitutes from using phrases like “steak” or “sausage” to describe meat-free products. Read more