Proteins valorizing?

Proteins valorizing? An inseparable challenge of fiber extraction for some plant materials.


Plant protein concentrate extraction requires physical and / or chemical separations of the proteins of the other constituents like starch, lipids, fibers…


Fibers are often problematic as they are more or less associated with proteins. In addition to decreasing the protein content of the concentrates, the fibers can reduce their organoleptic and functional properties. They can also be a valuable fraction particularly if they are digestible.


Their very great diversity and their structural role require the implementation of real biorefinery strategies which integrate the valorizing of all the different fractions. The processes of dehulling, air classification, electrostatic separation or enzymatic hydrolysis are perfectly adapted and available at IMPROVE.


Dry fractionation processes are at the heart of this strategy, their optimization is facilitated by innovative characterization tools such as image analysis (particle size and shape distribution).


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